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Discover a new way to make math education fun! Our innovative card decks offer fun and easy math games designed to teach addition, subtraction, integers, and algebra. Choose from three unique decks, each offering math enrichment activities to enhance numeracy and problem-solving skills on fundamental math concepts.

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Our Math Decks

Addition & Subtraction

Learn to count, read numbers, add, and subtract using a simple and fun deck.

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A fun and simple card deck that visualizes addition and subtraction of integers.

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A card deck that makes learning algebra easy and fun.

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SUMthings Right Tutorial

Our tutorials are designed to help you not only understand mathematical concepts but also apply them in fun and interactive ways. Whether you're a student looking to reinforce your math skills or an educator seeking innovative teaching resources, our math decks have something for everyone.

​In our tutorial, you'll discover a wide range of games and activities that focus on the fundamental math operations of addition and subtraction. Dive into the world of integers and learn how to solve positive and negative numbers with ease. Explore algebraic expressions and equations, and master the art of solving mathematical puzzles and problems.

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I am excited to use the math cards with my boys because they are resistant to conventional homework strategies. It's a fun way to "study" together, build their confidence, and learn without the anxiety and pressure they usually feel about getting things right. Their skills developed without them even realizing that they were beginning to swiftly add and subtract integers. They became more interested in winning the game and less focused on the fact that they were doing math!

Jordynn Allen (Ottawa, ON)

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